Ultra Bee Non GMO – Interview with Katie Brine from Mann Lake

From the beginning of 2020, Ultra Bee will be availabe in Non GMO version too on Europe’s market. Katie Brine, from Mann Lake told us about this product at the Avignon Beekeeping Exhibition, France.

Radu: Hi Katie, we are glad to have you.

Katie: Hi. Thank you for having me.

Radu: Please, tell us more about the Ultra Bee Non GMO product.

Katie: Ultra Bee Non GMO is the non GMO version of the normal Ultra Bee. You can observe its slightly different color from the conventional version. You can be sure that this is Ultra Bee, but due to the non GMO ingredients its color is slightly different.

Radu: I saw that Ultra Bee Non GMO has a similar color with Bee-Pro. So can you assure us that this is Ultra Bee?

Katie: Yes, it this Ultra Bee. The color variation is only due to the non GMO ingedients of the Ultra Bee product.

Radu: It also has a different smell. But we have assurence that what we will have on Europe’s market from the beginning of 2020, will be Ultra Bee Non GMO. Of course, we will have the conventional version too in our offer. But the beekeepers or the European states that need the Non GMO version, can be glad that Ultra Bee, the best pollen substitute in the world is now available without GMO in Europe.

Thank you very much, Katie.

Katie: You’re welcome. Thank you for having me.

Radu: We will wait for you in 2021 at the event in Romania. I hope Mann Lake will give you permission to be with us.

Katie: For sure. Looking forward to that.

Radu: Bye-bye.

Katie: Bye.

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