Patty With Ultra Bee For Swarm Food Apiboost

Patty With Ultra Bee For Swarm Food Apiboost

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We produce any stas of frames; the stas we always have in stock are Dadant-Blat with the height of 162, 230, 300 mm.


Product description

Starting with the month of May until the end of June, is the time for formation of the swarms. Even if the beekeeper ensures an amount of honey and bee pollen in the frames, the bees forming the new swarm need a supplement from outside the frames. This supplement is made to ensure the feed until the moment when the swarm has enough worker bees to collect the feed from outside of the hive. Besides the high quality sugar, this feed contains:

  • 2% crude protein
  • Cobalt Chroride

The Swarm Feed is meant to the nuc boxes, right after forming them. In dry periods with no pollen harvest, it is recommended that besides the source of water placed near the apiary, this supplement to be fed which helps the colony to resist this critical period.

Food type Proteic
Packaging 1 kg
Brand Mann Lake

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