About Us

Hello and welcome to the world of bees 🙂

This is a family business and anyone who joins the BeeXpert team, becomes a member of the family. The passion for beekeeping has been present in this family since the 1930s.
Since the 90s the development of the bee farm has led to a diversification of its activity.

Basic research began with the specialization in pollen harvesting

We opened the woodwork department, especially for beekeeping.

2003 – 2010
Over the time, we developed other projects, such as the manufacture, promotion and marketing of beekeeping equipment and feed.

BeeXpert and University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine organized the first edition of the Cluj Napoca Beekeeping Fair, one of the largest bee fairs in the area, named “The Fair for a Healthy Future”

Together with a group of beekeepers, we founded an association of beekeepers

2014 – 2017
We were involved in scientific research projects in apiculture together with the Institute of Chemistry and the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine from Cluj-Napoca

together with our collaborators from all over the world, we provide beekeepers equipment and feed for bees produced at the best technological quality:

  • Mann Lake pollen substitutes
  • Uncapping Trays
  • Uncapping Tanks
  • Plastic Frames
  • Wooden work for beekeeping
  • APIBOOST Patties
  • Metalic Mesh for beekeeping
  • Ultra Bee Patties

We are BeeXpert team…
and our mission is to meet new partners to develop beekeeping, protecting the environment.