Beehive Frames

Plastic Frames

*Available in black or yellow.
For your request, other colors can be produced.

The most important goal pursued by the beekeepers is to increase their profit.
This can be achieved by increasing performance and / or by reducing expenses.
By using modern and reusable equipment, each beekeeper will increase their farm’s productivity and will reduce operating costs.
The plastic frames with honeycomb are beekeeping inventory items which, help to increase the performance of beekeepers, considerably reducing some costs (in the long term view).

Benefits of using plastic frames:

  • You are saving time. If until now, for the preparation of a classic frame, you have allocated between 5-7 minutes, for the preparation of a plastic frame you will have to allocate between 1-2 minutes.
  • Avoid losses. Pests such as mice or mites cause severe damage when they get into hives with classic frames. If Molia wax or any rodents reach the storage area of the plastic frames, the damage will be done only on the surface of the honeycomb, the foundation will remain intact.
  • Protect the environment. Every 2-4 years, the honeycombs of the frames must be replaced; because the work of reconditioning the classic wooden frames is difficult, more and more beekeepers are replacing them with new frames. This has a negative impact on the environment, because for every thousand wooden frames one cubic meter of timber is used, and the EU annual requirement is estimated at over 25 million frames. Using plastic frames, we will actively contribute to reducing the exploitation of more than 25 thousand cubic meters of wood every year.
  • Reduce operating expenses. By investing in plastic frames, in the long term view, you will save a lot of money by reusing the frames once bought and by optimizing the time used to prepare the frames needed for the development and operation of the beehive.

*For your request, we can produce personalized dimensions.

Height (H)
300 mm01RE-PL001VS
162 mm01RE-PL002VS
230 mm01RE-PL003VS
146 mm01RE-P0004VS

Wooden Frames

We produce any stas of frames; the stas we always have in stock are Dadant-Blat with the height of 162, 230, 300 mm.

  • Unassambled frames
  • Frames with cut for plastic fundation
  • Assambled frames
  • Assambled and wired frames
  • Assambled with staples and wired frames
  • Follower boards

NOTE: For the wired frames, wires of galvanized or stainless steel can be used.