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Beehive Frames

The most important goal pursued by the beekeepers is to increase their profit. This can be achieved by increasing performance and / or by reducing expenses. By using modern and reusable equipment, each beekeeper will increase their farm’s productivity and will reduce operating costs.

Uncapping Trays

Ideal for use in small, medium and large beehives, BeeXpert trays are made from food graded plastic. The compact dimensions of these trays (Length = 60 cm, width = 40 cm) offer the possibility of being easily transported

Uncapping Tanks

The most reliable uncapping tanks are optimized both for exploitation in the hive and also for equipping the extraction rooms.

Wood Work

To ensure the quality of our products, we keep the enire process in-house.

Pollen substitutes

It is the best pollen substitute in the world, specially designed for feeding bee families. World-renowned researchers like Randy Oliver have studied the effects of using this product and have concluded that by feeding with Ultra Bee to the bee families, beekeepers get the following:

Patty with Ultra Bee - Apiboost

Patty with Ultra Bee – Apiboost

The main components of bee feed are carbohydrates (monosaccharides inverted from polysaccharide) and proteins. Proteins are macromolecular structures composed of chains of amino acids.


The ventilation of the hives is one of the most important aspects, which the beekeeper has to have in mind. For this, BEEXPERT offers you the best mesh to ensure the ventilation of your hives.

Queen Rearing

Queen rearing frames are used for multiplication of the queens. They are made of softwood and can be featured with feeder for syrup and the pollen supplement needed.