Patty with Ultra Bee – Apiboost

Patty with Ultra Bee – Apiboost

The main components of bee feed are carbohydrates (monosaccharides inverted from polysaccharide) and proteins. Proteins are macromolecular structures composed of chains of amino acids. Each protein has a unique amino acid sequence (amino acid profile) that under the action of some enzymes breaks into amino acids or amino acid chains. Through a process that includes many steps, each amino acid or amino acid chain is metabolized at the cellular level, thus generating certain biochemical reactions in the body, or maintaining cellular integrity.

At each stage of the annual cycle of a bee colony, their individuals need different amounts and types of protein. This led us to create special recipes of patties for each stage of the cycle, taking into account the colony’s needs:

Patty with Ultra Bee for Fat Body and Bee Brood Apiboost

At the end of the Summer and Autumn, the bee colony is preparing for the Winter season.

In this period, the Winter bees are hatching from the eggs which, in comparison with the worker bees which are hatching in the rest of the season, need a high amount of protein in their body. For this accumulation, we created a special patty with:

  • 10% raw protein
  • Plant extract
  • Lactic Acid
  • Vitamin and Mineral

The first feeding is made immedately after the extraction of honey goods, together with syrup for completing the carbohodydrate feed savings. After the queen has reduced laying eggs, the patty for the development of the fat body can be fed until the daily temperature allows the regular flying.

Patty with Ultra Bee for Stimulating the Queen Apiboost

When the nighttime temperature stabilizes at more than 5 degrees C and the daytime temperature at more than 12 degrees C, the bees start to fly to collect the food needed to develope the brood. This is the moment when every beekeeper can influence the evolution of the colonies.
For this moment, we created a patty with:

  • Cobalt Chloride
  • Other vitamin
  • Lactic Acid

Feed at the end of the Winter in quantities of 0,5 – 1 kg, the patty for stimulating queens will generate a significant increase in the egg laying of the queens. According to the goals of every beekeeper regarding the development of the hives but also the outside temperature, the feeding with Feed for Stimulating the Queen can be supplemented.

Patty with Ultra Bee for Swarm Food Apiboost

Starting with the month of May until the end of June, is the time for formation of the swarms. Even if the beekeeper ensures an amount of honey and bee pollen in the frames, the bees forming the new swarm need a supplement from outside the frames. This supplement is made to ensure the feed until the moment when the swarm has enough worker bees to collect the feed from outside of the hive. Besides the high quality sugar, this feed contains:

  • 2% crude protein
  • Cobalt Chroride

The Swarm Feed is meant to the nuc boxes, right after forming them. In dry periods with no pollen harvest, it is recommended that besides the source of water placed near the apiary, this supplement to be fed which helps the colony to resist this critical period.

Patty with Ultra Bee – Mann Lake recipe

Ultra Bee Patties are the best choice for stimulating the queen’s egg laying, the brood rearing, strenghtening the immune system of the bees and stimulating the hypopharyngeal glands.

Feeding can be done in late Winter or early Spring, after the first flight or in drought periods in quantities of 0,3 – 0,5 kg with the compulsory water amount. For the swarms and nuc boxes quantities of 0,1 kg – 0,3 kg are recommended.

At late Summer and until the bees still have regular flights in the Autumn, feeding with quantities of 0,5 kg – 1 kg is recommended according to the needs of the colony. If needed, it is completed according to consumption.

Prepared according to Mann Lake’s original recipe.