Uncapping Trays

Uncapping Trays

Ideal for use in small, medium and large beehives, BeeXpert trays are made from food graded plastic. The compact dimensions of these trays (Length = 60 cm, width = 40 cm) offer the possibility of being easily transported;

Also, due to the reduced weight (2-5 kg), their storage can be done in narrow spaces, even above other equipment.

  • The thickness of the tray’s material is 5 mm.
  • The edges are reinforced with ribs, giving resistance to mechanical shocks.
  • The stainless steel support for the frames enables two people to uncap the frame at the same time.
  • The tray heights are available in 10, 20, 30 and 40cm heights and they can be equipped with a honey gate.


Simple Plastic
Improved Plastic
Stainless Steel

Support tray for frames